Analysis | The Republican race in the White House will put anti-vaccination policies to the test (2023)



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The Republican race in the White House will put anti-vaccination policies to the test

Former PresidentDonald Trump's Warp Speed ​​project helped with thatsafe and effective coronavirus vaccinesand saves countless lives.But the race for the 2024 Republican nomination seems certainTest the political effectiveness of attacks on this program.

  • A recent poll by Pew Researchoutlines the potential power of opposition to vaccination regulations, at least within the GOP. (No, attacking "warp speed," which was about development and dissemination, is not the same as opposing mandates, but as you'll see later in this column, there are politically useful overlaps.)

The number of Americans saying healthy children need to be vaccinated has gone down quite a bitagainst diseases such as measles, mumps or tetanus before they can attend public school. Pew found that about 70 percent of Americans agree with this principle, compared to 82 percent in 2019 and 2016.


And the proportion of Americans who say it's up to the parents to decide --“Even if this can result in health risks for others”– has increased by 12 percent to 28 percent since the end of 2019 (the eve of the pandemic).

Republican Party pushes for school immunization requirements

That might not sound like much. It might sound like there's pretty strong support in the US for children having to be vaccinated when they go to school - 70-28 is nowhere near that.

Fair enough.

And there was only a small drop of two yearsthe proportion of newly admitted kindergarten children who were vaccinatedagainst measles, tetanus and other diseases.

  • But now look at the breakdown by political party.

Support for this specific vaccination requirement has not really changed among Democrat or pro-democracy respondents. It was 86 percent in October 2019 and is currently 85 percent.

(Video) Former Pres. Obama trolls Pres. Biden

ButAmong Republicans, or Republican-leaning Americans, support for this mandate has fallen from 79 percent in 2019 to 57 percent now — a 22 percentage point drop.42 percent say parents can choose not to have their children vaccinated, “even if it could pose health risks to others.”


Pew has released numbers for white evangelical Protestants, a key GOP constituency.

  • In 2019, 77 percent supported mandatory vaccination in public schools, but opposed it20 percent said it was up to the parents.
  • In 2023 it will be 58 percent40 percent.

Not surprisingly, Pew found a deeper skepticism about traditional vaccines among Americans who have not been vaccinated against Covid, a population about 70 percent Republican or Republican-leaning.

DeSantis attacks "Warp Speed".

The Pew poll suggests the political power of the issue, at least among GOP voters. Traditional compulsory vaccination of children in public schools has to be one of the least controversial public health measures (estimated by The Daily 202).

It hasn't been lost on some GOP fields.

Speaking before the Florida Family Policy Council gala on Saturday night, the Florida governor said:Ron DeSantis(R), who is expected to join the 2024 fight any day, made the most of his anti-mandate credentials — but went a little further.


  • DeSantis denounced "Covid authoritarianism" and regretted that some Americans "had to get on their knees and get a Covid shot that they might not want and that many of them didn't need."

"The way they weaponized these Covid vaccines was a massive invasion of our liberties," DeSantis accused, before declaring:"We can't ever allow warp speed to trump informed consent in this country again." Trump, got it?

DeSantis wasn't inclined to name the GOP frontrunner —even when he's throwing obvious digs at him. Perhaps not remarkable, but noteworthy nonetheless: he attacks Trump's outstanding performance in the pandemic, despite the fact that it was about developing and distributing the vaccine, not calling for gunfire. So this is a calculated criticism of the former President.

Get used to it

Trump, who has a double-digit lead over DeSantis, has been bickering with the governor over vaccines this year since it was clear the Florida politician would be a rival for the GOP nomination.


Back in February, Trump vented on his Truth Social platform that DeSantis "loved the vaccines."

There is something true.While DeSantis didvigorously resisted Covid regulationsand he made opposition to them one of his political calling cardsregularly urge Florida residents to get vaccinatedagainst thatCoronavirus.

Still, no one knows better than Trump just how profoundly the Republican base -- even his staunch rally attendees -- are reacting to the vaccine.Finally,he was booedwhen he revealed that he had received a booster shot.

(Video) White House defends new vaccine mandates as GOP leaders threaten legal action

Back then, however, the former president was still prone to defending "warp speed," telling the crowd, "Look, we did something historic, we saved tens of millions of lives around the world." All of us, all of us, not me .”


What's happening now

Man who crashed U-Haul truck near White House had Nazi flag in vehicle

A 19-year-old Missouri man was arrested after police said he intentionally drove a rented U-Haul truck near the White House to the crash, and investigators recovered a Nazi flag from the vehicle,”Leo Sands, Martin Weil and Peter Hermann report.


  • “The man the police identified asSai Varshith Kandulafrom Chesterfield, Missouri,was charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or harm the President, Vice President or a family member, along with other charges including assault with a dangerous weapon and trespassing.”

With funds running out, Treasury is asking agencies if payments can be made later

The Treasury Department has asked federal agencies if they can make upcoming payments at a later date, said two people familiar with the matter, as senior Biden officials seek new ways to conserve cash and prevent the U.S. government from facing an unprecedented default."Jeff Stein reports.

Hispanic women want to introduce a bipartisan immigration bill in the House of Representatives

A bipartisan duo of Hispanic women present the most sweeping immigration proposal yet at this convention, a significant collaboration as a new generation of lawmakers push for meaningful reform of the country's immigration system after decades of failed attempts",Marianna Sotomayor und Theodoric Meyer berichten.

Trump appears remotely before the New York Criminal Court to hear the judge's warnings

“Former President Donald Trump will appear remotely in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesdayso that a judge can warn him not to disclose the evidence he presented to his lawyers as part of the pre-trial hearingin hisProsecution for allegations of falsifying business records„,“Shayna Jacobs reports.

Lunchtime reads from The Post

Texas is pushing the church into the state with bills on school chaplains and the Ten Commandments

"Texas lawmakers are scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to require the Ten Commandments to be posted in every classroom in the state as part of a new national effort to integrate religion into public life.Proponents believe last summer's Supreme Court ruling in favor of a high school football coach who prayed with players essentially eliminated all barriers between religion and government.Michelle Boorstein reports.

Objection to sexual, LGBTQ content leads to surge in book appeals

Books about LGBTQ people are quickly becoming the main target in an historic wave of textbook challenges— and a large percentage of the complaints come from a tiny number of hyperactive adults, a unique Washington Post analysis found.”Hannah Natanson reports.


(Video) Biden White House: 'Not Our Role' To Issue Vaccine Mandates
  • According to The Post, a stated desire to protect children from sexual content is the main reason for attempts to remove LGBTQ books.The second most cited reason for the removal of LGBTQ texts was an explicit desire to prevent children from reading about the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and queer people.”

… and beyond

How Uvalde's parents learned to grieve in public

“Each mass shooting leaves more families whose worst nightmare turns them into sudden, reluctant figures in a national tragedy. Overnight, [Kimberly Garcia] And [Engel Garza"s] family became one of them",DieNew York TimesJaeah Lee reports.

  • “Over time, they found that some families in Uvalde were coping by throwing themselves into their new public roles, while others withdrew from it entirely.For Kimberly and Angel, both paths led to more suffering — the kind that came with displaying their grief, and the kind that came with knowing that if they didn't, the world would forget.“

Transgender Health: Comparing Model Laws to Real Proposals

"Many of this year's Statehouse proposals to limit gender-based juvenile care, as introduced or enacted,are identical or very similarsome model lawsor ready-made bills proposed to legislators by interest groups, according to an analysis by the Associated Press.”DieAPKavish Harjai, Jeff McMillan and Kimberlee Kruesi report.

  • “The AP received the texts of more than 130 bills in 40 state legislatures from Plural, a public policy software companyanalyzed them for similarities to the model laws touted by the conservative groupsDeal no damageand the Family Research Council.“

Prosecutors have been searching for records of Trump's foreign dealings since 2017

"Federal prosecutors overseeing investigations into former President Donald J. Trump's handling of classified documents have..."issued a subpoena seeking information about Mr. Trump's overseas business dealings since taking office, according to two people familiar with the matter,DieNOWAlan Feuer, Maggie Haberman and Ben Protess report.

The Biden Agenda

The Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling meeting ends Monday with no agreement

"The President opened a discussion of about an hour and acknowledged that Democrats and Republicans 'need to get something to sell both sides and we need to cut spending.'"McCarthy later described the talks as "productive," though leaders failed to resolve the debt-ceiling row, and promised their top emissaries would "work through the night."Tony Romm, Rachel Siegel and Leigh Ann Caldwell report.

Biden names telecoms veteran to FCC to break standoff

President Biden on Monday appointed longtime telecoms attorney Anna Gomez a member of the Federal Communications Commission, taking a step towards breaking the partisan deadlock that has existed for more than two yearshampered the agency's ability to implement Democrat agenda items, such as restoring net neutrality rules,”Cristiano Lima reports.

Biden anticipates a "thaw" with China even as he mobilizes allies against Beijing

It was easy to overlook Mr Biden's Sunday prediction of an impending "thaw" in relations with Beijing, while both sides are moving beyond what he called a "silly" Chinese act of sending a giant surveillance balloon over the United States, just the latest in a series of incidents that appear to have fueled a descent toward confrontation."Write to Peter Baker and David E. Sanger of the NYT.

What employees want visualized

The desire to work away from the office is high among remote workers: around 7 in 10 say they would work from home “all the time” (37 percent).or “most of the time” (35 percent). About a quarter of these workers would elect to work from home “sometimes” (23 percent), while just 6 percent would elect to work remotely “rarely or never.”Taylor Telford, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin report.

(Video) Trump Suggests COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Ready Before Election Day | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Hot on the left

The debt ceiling is unconstitutional — but not for the reason you think

"Unless Congress exercises its power to award contracts and limit borrowing at the same time, the debt limit amounts to giving a house of Congress something."ex postVeto power over federal spending already approved by law.This is in complete contradiction to the basic idea of ​​the constitution and guarantees a legislative dysfunction„,“Anna Gelpern, Adam J. Levitin and Stephen Lubben write forAmerican view.


  • Since this veto disguised as a debt limit is unconstitutional, the President must disregard it,and must “take care” of meeting existing United States obligations and borrowing new money when needed.”

Right hot

DeSantis envisions creating a "7-2 Conservative majority" on the Supreme Court

“At a Christian media conference in Orlando, the future GOP spokepresidential candidateHe also floated the idea that if elected, he could serve eight years -- an implicit contrast to former President Donald Trump, the Republican opinion leader, who could only serve four more years.DeSantis recounted how, as governor, he placed the Florida Supreme Court under conservative control and speculated before an excited crowd that several US Supreme Court justices might need replacements in the president's next two terms„,“Hannah Knowles reports.

Today in Washington

12:15 p.m.: Biden and Vice PresidentHarriswill have lunch.

Biden will receive his daily intelligence briefing at 1 p.m.


A tweet about an explosion at the Pentagon was fake. It went viral anyway.

Prime example of the dangers in the pay-to-verify system: This account, which tweeted a (most likely AI-generated) photo of a (fake) story about an explosion at the Pentagon, looks at first glance like a real Bloomberg message feed

— Andy Campbell (@AndyBCampbell)22. May 2023

On Monday morning, a verified Twitter account called Bloomberg Feed shared a menacing tweet.Under the words “Large explosion near Pentagon complex in Washington, D.C. - Initial Report" featured an image of a huge plume of black smoke next to a vaguely Pentagon-like building."Will Oremus, Drew Harwell and Teo Armus report.

  • Upon closer inspection, the image turned out to be a fake, likely generated by artificial intelligence, and the report of an explosion was quickly debunked– but not before it was picked up by major media outlets, including the Russian state media outlet Russia Today.”

Thank you for reading. See you in the morning.

(Video) Watch President #biden Mock President #trump On Classified Documents


Can the US government force a vaccine? ›

Yes. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, states and cities can require vaccine mandates in certain instances.

Can you enter the us if you are not vaccinated? ›

This means starting May 12, noncitizen nonimmigrant air passengers will no longer need to show proof of being fully vaccinated with an accepted COVID-19 vaccine to board a flight to the United States.

What is the 6.8 trillion budget? ›

The $6.8 trillion 2024 spending plan includes $885 billion in defense spending and $1 trillion in non-defense spending, not including mandatory programs like Medicare and Social Security, and aims to reduce the federal deficit by $3 trillion over the next ten years.

When the COVID-19 will end? ›

What You Need to Know. The federal COVID-19 PHE declaration will end on May 11, 2023. Most tools, like vaccines, treatments, and testing, will remain available. CDC's ability to collect and share certain data will change.

Do federal employees still need to be vaccinated? ›

The Biden-⁠Harris Administration Will End COVID-⁠19 Vaccination Requirements for Federal Employees, Contractors, International Travelers, Head Start Educators, and CMS-Certified Facilities.

How many trillion dollars are in debt? ›

The U.S. has run a deficit for the last 20 years, substantially increasing the national debt. In fact, according to the Department of the Treasury, the current debt is $31.4 trillion.

How many trillion dollars is US in debt? ›

It's simple. For years, what the U.S. government spent on those things was far greater than the amount of money it had brought in to pay for them. That stacked up to that $31.4 trillion in debt we have now.

Did the US reach 30 trillion in debt? ›

A century of growing debt

The US federal debt in inflation-adjusted dollars has increased from $408 billion in fiscal year 1922 to more than $30 trillion today. The federal government spent $6.27 trillion in fiscal year 2022, which ended last September, according to the Treasury Department.

Should I still wear a mask? ›

It's totally fine to keep wearing a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable – even if you live where there's low community transmission and you don't have health risks for severe COVID-19. This can also be a good idea because breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are still possible.

What will COVID be like in 2024? ›

The Yale team predicts that in 2024 – four years after the pandemic began in March 2020 – about 15% of the population could be infected at any given time. In the meantime, the virus will constantly circulate, and certain populations will remain more vulnerable to it.

What is the meaning of federal mandate? ›

Notwithstanding section 1502 of this title, for purposes of this subchapter the term "Federal mandate" means any provision in statute or regulation or any Federal court ruling that imposes an enforceable duty upon State, local, or tribal governments including a condition of Federal assistance or a duty arising from ...

How many federal workers are there? ›

While many people believe that most federal workers live near the nation's capital, Washington D.C., this is not always the case. While Virginia, the state closest to the District of Columbia, has the second-most federal employees, the most can be found in California with 152,466 federal employees.

Which country has no debt? ›

The 20 countries with the lowest national debt in 2022 in relation to gross domestic product (GDP)
CharacteristicNational debt in relation to GDP
Macao SAR0%
Brunei Darussalam2.06%
Hong Kong SAR4.26%
9 more rows
May 11, 2023

How much is US in debt to China? ›

However, this has declined over time, and as of 2022 they controlled approximately 25% of foreign-owned debt. As of January 2023, the five countries owning the most US debt are Japan ($1.1 trillion), China ($859 billion), the United Kingdom ($668 billion), Belgium ($331 billion), and Luxembourg ($318 billion).

Who does the US owe money to? ›

Investors in Japan and China hold significant shares of U.S. public debt. Together, as of September 2022, they accounted for nearly $2 trillion, or about 8 percent of DHBP. While China's holdings of U.S. debt have declined over the past decade, Japan has slightly increased their purchases of U.S. Treasury securities.

Is China in a debt crisis? ›

China's debt is nearly 44% of its GDP and its local governments owe nearly $5.14 trillion. With the economic slowdown and collapse of land sales revenue, provinces and local governments in China are facing an embarrassing situation.

Why does China hold US debt? ›

Key Takeaways

China invests heavily in U.S. Treasury bonds to keep its export prices lower. China focuses on export-led growth to help generate jobs. To keep its export prices low, China must keep its currency—the renminbi (RMB)—low compared to the U.S. dollar.

Why is the US debt so high? ›

Flashpoints that greatly contributed to the debt over the past 50 years include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 2008 financial crisis and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic -- the latter two prompting sweeping stimulus measures from Congress that cost trillions of dollars.

Has the US ever been debt free? ›

As a result, the U.S. actually did become debt free, for the first and only time, at the beginning of 1835 and stayed that way until 1837. It remains the only time that a major country was without debt. Jackson and his followers believed that freedom from debt was the linchpin in establishing a free republic.

Has the US never had debt? ›

The U.S. has had debt since its inception. Our records show that debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War amounted to $75,463,476.52 by January 1, 1791. Over the following 45 years, the debt grew. Notably, the public debt actually shrank to zero by January 1835, under President Andrew Jackson.

Has the US ever been out of debt? ›

However, President Andrew Jackson shrank that debt to zero in 1835. It was the only time in U.S. history when the country was free of debt.

What are the medical reasons for not wearing a mask? ›

This includes persons with a medical condition for whom wearing a mask could obstruct breathing or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove a mask without assistance.

Why you should wear a mask other than COVID? ›

Evidence shows that face masks help protect against viruses other than COVID-19, particularly influenza A and B, the viruses responsible for most cases of the flu. So if you want extra protection from the flu, RSV and other respiratory illness, it's a good idea to go ahead and put on a face mask.

What is the best argument for not wearing a mask? ›

The top 3 reasons for opposing public mask wearing were physical discomfort and negative effects, lack of effectiveness, and being unnecessary or inappropriate for certain people or under certain circumstances.

Why is the US 27 trillion in debt? ›

The national debt is an accumulation of federal budget deficits. Each new spending program and tax cut adds to the debt.

What country has the most funded military? ›

The United States has the largest military budget, spending $876.9 billion. The next largest military spender is China, which spends $292 billion. Russia follows China with a military budget of $86.4 billion, and India and Saudi Arabia round out the top five with budgets of $81.4 billion and $75 billion, respectively.

How much is the US in debt? ›

In January 2023, the total national debt and the debt ceiling both stood at $31.4 trillion.

How much of our taxes go to military? ›

Defense. Approximately 20 percent of the federal budget is spent on defense and security.

How much does the US owe China? ›

Top Foreign Holders of U.S. Debt
RankCountryU.S. Treasury Holdings
1🇯🇵 Japan$1,076B
2🇨🇳 China$867B
3🇬🇧 United Kingdom$655B
4🇧🇪 Belgium$354B
6 more rows
Mar 24, 2023

How much is China's debt? ›

International Monetary Fund data show China's explicit local government debt nearly doubled over five years to the equivalent of $5.14 trillion — or 35.34 trillion yuan — last year.


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